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Toxin Report

Toxin Report

When we think of toxins we often think in general terms as this negative substance in the body. Yet this explanation doesn't truly capture this threat and its disastrous effects on your body and your life. A toxin is best described as a microscopic chemical, either synthetic or a pollutant, that can be potentially found in food, water, and consumer products like pots and pans. Having a buildup of these toxins could produce effects such as: stress, body imbalance, and cancer. These toxins are absorbed from the easiest of tasks like eating, drinking, and breathing. Below we have compiled a list of the top chemicals in food, water, and consumer products to watch out for.



Nitrates are a preservative used in red meat to give it its color. Too much added nitrates are shown to increase the levels of cancer. Nitrates also naturally occur in some vegetables and are much better for the body than those found in meat.


Found In: Bacon, Ham, Hot Dogs
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Titanium Dioxide

A color additive used to give a certain candy color a more pronounced color hue. This substance is known to cause damage to the autoimmune response as well as damage to the DNA.


Found In: skittles and starburst
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BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil)

A man made chemical that is used to give drinks a more citrus flavor. Prolonged exposure can cause headaches, skin damage, and even neurological damage.


Found In: Mountain Dew, Fanta, Sundrop
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A naturally occurring carcinogen often found in certain rocks and soil. This substance usually gets into drinking water through water runoff getting into the water supply. What makes this fatal is that at low levels this substance is undetectable by taste but is known to increase the risk of cancer with prolonged exposure.


Found In: drinking water
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A naturally occurring element found in the Earth's Crust. Its use is vast, however when it gets into drinking water it becomes hazardous. Lead in even small amounts is known to be toxic to the body.It is especially fatal to children with multiple sources explaining the developmental effects it has on them. This toxin is usually absorbed by the body through either drinking contaminated water or being exposed to it through the environment.


Found In: drinking water, old buildings, paint
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A naturally occurring mineral from earth that is released from rocks into the soil. Fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay and is found in many sources of drinking water. When regulated at its optimal level its function is to prevent tooth decay. After a certain threshold has been crossed fluoride will actually start to harm your teeth and may even cause slight discoloration.


Found In: Drinking water and toothpaste
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 PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl)

A group of chemicals used for coatings on cooking products for resisting heat and food packaging. The substance can cause immune disorders and may even lead to liver problems.


Found In: nonstick pans, cleaning products, and grease resistant paper
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EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation

This type of toxin is produced usually from natural sources like thunderstorms, microwaves and x-rays.  However regular pieces of technology also emit an EMF field such as TVs, cell phones and even computers.  What makes this type of toxin hazardous is that we are constantly being exposed to different frequencies from different sources. Prolonged exposure from any is known to have disastrous effects on sleep, skin damage, short attention span, and some variations of cancer.


Found In: x-rays, cell phones, computers
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(EDCs) Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

This type of chemical can mimic the natural process of the body’s hormones but does none of the actual work, essentially blocking the hormones that are natural to the body. Prolonged exposure to EDCs can affect sex organs, fertility, and altered immune functions.


Found In: drinking water, soaps, make-up
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